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Borkro Textile Bulgaria was founded by Burak Nayir in 2003 as a result of eighteen years of experience in the sphere. In short terms the company ranks among the leading figures in the textile industry.

Thanks to our  great experience and team of specialists we manage to offer our clients fast and effective service, competitive prices and perfect quality. Borkro’s prime objective is to identify and meet the customers’ needs.

Since 2007  Borkro Textile has moved their production in newly built factory. This building was specially designed according the European standards – separate chemical storehouse, special working clothes, separate waste treatment system etc. We are committed to the common principles and goals of maximum possible safety and wide-ranging environmental protection.

In 2010 our firm has opened a new modernistic sewing fabric which is situated in Plovdiv. This factory is equipped with the newest and high technological sewing machines that provide capacity at about 1500 units per day and a perfect quality. Using our services you will find high professionalism that will respond to all your requirements.

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